Similar to the spy battle type, looting is only available if you have an army that contains a special unit. The Alliance Gold Looter is the only unit in the game that has the ability to loot gold from fellow players and add it to your collection.

The loot battle system operates on a 3 round battle process unlike the robbery mission so it is advised that your looting army is fairly strong to resist the extended battle duration. Also included in the loot system is a multi-tiered ranking system which offers bonuses to those who loot from higher ranked rivals.

How do I loot gold?

Set up an army consisting of troops and the Alliance Gold Looter.

Choose your target from the map and select the 'Loot' option under military actions to send your army with the Alliance Gold Looter present into battle.

If you win the battle, the looting has been successful and you will receive a percentage of their gold based upon their ranking in relation to yours. The higher the ranking of the player looted, the larger your bonus will be.