This battle type is all about aggression and maximizing casualties upon your target. Use this battle type when you want to inflict damage to a rival city or wish to capture it from your enemies grasp.

This battle will continue until either side has a 100% casualty rate.

Assigning city attackers to an invasion group will help to destroy building and reduce the population allowing the city to be captured.


Selecting this battle type will allow you to avoid excessive combat in a bid to quickly steal resources from the target.

Robberies consist of only one round.

This battle type is the only way to steal resources from fellow players.

Amount of resources obtain by robbing is determine by the Capacity of an Army.


Loot battles serve the purpose of robbing alliance gold from your target.

Looting will last for 3 rounds.

Only Alliance Gold can be stolen.

Amount of alliance gold obtain by looting is determine by the amount of looting units in an Army.