This map serves the purpose of providing you with information of cities and allowing you to launch attacks on your selected target. On the middle map you will be able to find out about other player's cities and NPC settlements that litter the wilderness. To get a closer look at a specific region or see a surrounding area you can zoom in and out by using the scroll button on your mouse.  Once you feel that your army is strong enough for the competition you can start your invasion of NPC's or even fellow players. To initiate a conflict, head to the middle map where you will be able see your potential targets, click on the military action icon in your HUD to start your attack. If you wish to know your enemy before you engage in combat you can click on the Information icon to see some basic intel on the type of opponent you are up against. After clicking on the military action in you will be presented with an option of action types. However, please note that the action types available depend on the target you are trying to attack.


Select this option to invade the selected city. The battle will continue until one side has 100% casualties so be prepared for the long haul when you select this option.  The best tactic to use when attempting to capture a city is to invade and eliminate all military units and then proceed to destroy a few buildings to diminish any of the cities remaining population.


Select this option when you wish to simply steal resources from a target city whilst still keeping the city under enemy control.  The amount of resources stolen is dependent on the storage capacity limit of the invading army.


This is a higher risk robbery battle type that allows you to steal alliance gold from your target. This battle option is only available when an 'Alliance Gold Looter' is present in the looting army's formation.


Send out spies to obtain secret information on the enemy!  The amount of information collected is dependent on the spies' research level and number of casualties suffered to your spy units.


Use this option when you wish to defend an allied strong hold or indeed your own.  By stationing your army at the selected target the units in your possession will fight to the bloody end until there are either no more enemies present or your forces have been slain.


In a similar principle to 'Station', this option allows you to relocate a formed army from one of your cities to another city you own. However, please note that a transferred army will consume food of the destination city as default.

Build CityEdit

Only selectable in an empty city- This option will allow you to build another city providing you have the required level of research and Colonizer units.