Military is an indispensable aspect of Uprising Empires and understanding how each unit works is the key to surviving in this fierce and brutal land. Besides learning the fundamentals of each class as well as their strengths and weaknesses you will also be required to learn the primary resource of each type. This primary resource will change based on the class of the unit being produced.

The four major types of units and their primary resources are as follows:

Infantry = Stone (Infantry are trained in the Barracks)

Archers = Wood (Archers are trained in the Archery Range)

Cavalry = Metal (Cavalry are trained in the Stable)

Weaponry = all round (Weapons are created in the Siege Work Shop)

Each class / type of unit has strength and weaknesses to another, a rough guide to this can be found below:

Infantry > Weapons > Ranged Units > Cavalry > Infantry ... etc.

Along with strengths and weaknesses of the unit each race has their own characteristics which add an extra dynamic to every battle.

The Mongols - Elite in Heavy Weaponry units.

The Turks - Elite in Range units.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem - Elite in Infantry units.

Byzantine Empire - Elite in Cavalry units.